Credit Information

Your credit allows you to obtain a mortgage and helps you find a great apartment to rent. Although it can seem overwhelming to understand, we are here to educate you on credit factors and guide you through the process. Below you will find some helpful resources.

Under Federal Law, all U.S. citizens are entitled one Free Credit Report every 12 months, from all three nationwide credit reporting agencies: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. To obtain that free report, you must go to This is the Only Official free reporting service authorized by the 3 agencies.
Credit Repair: How to Help Yourself – From the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

Credit Reporting Agencies

FICO Scores

Lenders use FICO scores to help measure the risk of default by taking into account various factors in a person’s financial history. They also help determine interest rates and credit limits. The percentages below are approximate. FICO scores generally range from 300 – 850 with scores at the higher end of the scale reflect a better credit rating.

  • 35%: payment history
  • 30%: debt burden 
  • 15%: length of credit history
  • 10%: types of credit used (installment, revolving, consumer finance, mortgage)
  • 10%: recent searches for credit: hard credit inquiries

Visit to learn how to improve your credit score.