If you see a property that you like the first step is to contact us and we will promptly get back to you to schedule an appointment.

Once you decide on the unit that you want to rent, we will need for you to complete an application and provide supplemental documentation as required by the Landlord.

Most Landlords have similar requirements, they include but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Completed Rental Application
  2. Paid Application Fee via certified funds, money order, or credit card (cost ranges from $35.00 -$60.00)
  3. Proof of Income (e.g. last 2 paystubs from job and/or scholarship award letter)
  4. Copy of government issued I.D.
  5. Credit Report
  6. Refundable Deposit (equal to one month’s rent of the unit you are applying for – this will temporarily take the unit off the market so you do not have to worry about another prospective tenant renting the property before you)

Once the above items are collected, we will send your Application to the Landlord to review. The review process will take no longer than 48 business hours. If there are further requirements, or if Landlord has longer processing times, we will notify you immediately.

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